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What is a Historic District?

Historic designations were created to protect special buildings, properties and landscapes.  However, because people often find the things designated special and beautiful (art for the masses), these places are often visited or people want to live in or near these places.  As a result, designated areas often direct growth and development.  To help encourage this, and to help fund maintenance and renovations, buildings in these districts over time have become eligible for financial incentives.  

There is no one definition of a “historic” building. Instead, there are a variety of “historic” designations at the federal, state and local levels. The type of regulation depends on the type of historic designation on the property. These designations do not mean that property owners are prohibited from making any changes to a property; they ensure that changes made to a property do not harm important historic features. There are three types of designation. 

In some cases, properties may have multiple designations. If a property is listed on the National Register and designated as a local landmark or within National Register or local historic districts, then both reviews, if applicable, would be required.

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