Parking Options in Downtown Cumberland

Parking at all meters and on all MPA lots is free after 5 p.m., as well as on Saturday and Sunday. Parking is also free in these areas on all holidays recognized by City Hall. The free parking does not apply to the George Street Parking Garage.

George Street Parking Garage

Parking in the Center City parking garage is by permit and hourly payment. 

For entry off S. George Street, permit holders ($55.00) will insert a permit card at the kiosk and may park in any open space. They will exit onto the alley by inserting the same card.

Hourly parking is also available. Entry is made from S. George Street by inserting a valid credit/debit card at the kiosk. This will put a hold on the credit/debit card. You may park in any open space. When exiting you will insert the same credit/debit card which will charge for the time period parked. $1.00/hours - $8.00 maximum fee. There is no time limit for use of the garage and the garage is always open. However, during the winter the upper sections may be closed because of ice. 

Premium level parking ($80.00) is found by entering the Center City Parking Garage from Union Street. Permit Holder will insert a permit card at the Kiosk and will park in a personal parking space, exit will be onto S. George Street.

Frederick Street Parking Garage

The Frederick Street Parking Garage has been reserved for permit parking only. No daily public parking is permitted. Due to the demand for these parking spaces, a waiting list normally exists. This garage is also utilized at times to provide parking during special events held in the city when there is a demand for additional parking.

Parking Permit Administration

The administration of the parking permits is handled by the Finance Office, with all payments being accepted at the Finance Office on the 1st floor of City Hall. Information regarding the availability of Parking Permits can be obtained by calling 301-759-6405 or you can stop by City Hall and renew a parking permit at the Finance Office or purchase a new permit if a monthly space is available.

It is the responsibility of each Parking Permit holder to make the monthly or quarterly payment to ensure that their Parking Permit does not expire. If a Parking Permit is not renewed that specific permit expires, the parking space will be made available and sold to the next individual on the waiting list.

Automated Parking Kiosks

Several streets in the downtown area now have automated parking kiosks which must be utilized to pay for parking on these streets. These machines have taken the place of the old parking meters. The new machines will accept coin, as well as credit and debit cards. The patron must choose the amount of time in which they will be parked at the location and pay the required fee. The machine will then print out a receipt which you must display in a visible manner on the front dashboard of your vehicle.

These kiosks are located throughout the downtown area and on Washington Street. The kiosks are also found on the MPA lots located in the 100 block of Greene Street, N. Liberty Street. 

There are signs placed around the downtown area directing you to the closest kiosk. More kiosks are planned for future installation at various locations in the downtown area.