Register with the City Utility Portal

From any web browser, connect to

You will see the following screen:


Click the “Set Up Online Access” link and fill in the following screen with your account number (be sure to include the ‘-x’ at the end), your CID number (found on your bill), a valid email address and password as shown in the example below:


If the ‘Email Address’ doesn’t match the ‘Confirm Email Address’ or the ‘Password’ doesn’t match the ‘Confirm Password’ you will get a message telling you what the problem is with your registration request.  In this example, we’ve not matched the email addresses, and we’re asked to correct that.


 Once everything is entered correctly, you will get the following screen when you click “Create Account”:


In a short while, you will receive an email with a link to confirm your registration.   After you’ve confirmed, you can access your billing information and/or pay your bill online by returning to