Cumberland WWTP Pretreatment Program

All industrial and/or nondomestic sewer users shall comply with the federal general pretreatment regulations in 40 CFR Part 403 and the applicable national categorical pretreatment standards set out in 40 CFR Chapter I, Subchapter N, Parts 401 through 471 upon promulgation and all applicable federal, state, or local requirements or standards. 

General and specific prohibitions are national standards. These standards apply to all nondomestic dischargers that discharge wastewater to a publicly owned treatment works (POTW). They apply whether or not the POTW has an approved pretreatment program and also whether or not the nondomestic discharger has been issued a control mechanism or permit. EPA developed these standards with the intent to provide protection for POTWs, which include a treatment plant’s collection system.

Cumberland Pretreatment Program Documents

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  • Call the Engineering Division at 301-759-6604 for more information
  • Dental offices that place or remove amalgam must operate and maintain an amalgam separator and must not discharge scrap amalgam or use certain kinds of line cleaners. Existing and new dental sources must submit a one-time compliance report to their pretreatment Control Authority.
  • Dental offices discharging to the City of Cumberland Wastewater Treatment Plant - The City of Cumberland is the Control Authority - Call the Engineering Division at 301-759-6604 for more information
  • One-Time Compliance Report Form for Dental Dischargers This form can be downloaded here.  Please type or print clearly on the form, print, sign and mail to: The City of Cumberland - Engineering Division, 57 N. Liberty Street, Cumberland, MD 21502 
  • EPA 40 CRF 441 - Frequently Asked Questions on the Dental Office Category Rule
  • Part 441 Code of Federal Regulations - Dental Office Point Source Category