Preservation Guidelines

Updated Preservation Guidelines - Effective 1/1/16

The Guidelines set forth in these documents have been developed to assist the Historic Preservation Commission, the staff of the Department of Community Development, and the public at large in the preservation and safeguarding of Cumberland’s historical heritage. The objectives of this handbook are threefold:

    To help you, the owner of a historic building, understand the most appropriate maintenance and rehabilitation practices to preserve your property

    To recommend general design guidelines for additions and new freestanding construction that will help preserve the historic qualities of your neighborhood

    To serve the Cumberland Historic Preservation Commission as a reference manual in applying consistent criteria to its judgments regarding building permit applications within the Historic Preservation District.

Studying the Guidelines

The Commission and its staff will consistently reference this handbook, both to help make their own decisions as well as to advise property owners on appropriate courses of action. Applicants who study the handbook closely and consult with the commission staff prior to submitting their project plans, will be more assured that their proposals will comply with the objectives of the city's preservation ordinance.