South End Water Main Replacement

Project Information

City Project No.:

  • 2-22-W


  • This project includes the design for the construction/rehabilitation of the water system for the South End of the City.


  • Final Design by Bennett, Brewer and Associates, LLC

Project Funding:

  • City of Cumberland


  • Preliminary Engineering has been completed and Final Engineering services has started

Scope of Work

This project includes:

  • The development of construction alternatives to replace or rehabilitate the water system for the South End of the City which consists of approximately:
    1. 14,000 LF of 12” Water Main
    2. 5,000 LF of 4” Water Main
    3. 5,000 LF of 6” Water Main 
  • Perform a feasibility analysis of replacing all existing 4” Water Mains with 6” Water Mains
    1. Alternatives shall consider the use of plastic or ductile iron pipe.
  • Determine a minimum of three construction alternatives for the outlined system. One option must be a complete replacement of the existing pipe including determination of the proper size, type, and alignment of a new line. 
    1. Structural Lining and/or Slip Lining may be proposed
  • Provide a cost estimate, basic site drawing and timeline for each construction alternative.