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The City supplies water and sewer services, electricity by First Energy Corp., and natural gas by Columbia Gas of Maryland.
Other City Services to Note: Our full-time police and fire departments.


A few years back Allegany College took up the gauntlet in training the local workforce for the jobs of tomorrow. Through its Center for Continuing Education, Allegany College works with local employers in molding employees for an individual employer's workplace.

The initial consultation is free and provides a basic assessment of your training needs. From there, the school will design and implement your training programs, which will make your life a lot easier. Topics covered range from core business topics (accounting, marketing, etc.) to areas such as sexual harassment awareness, management development, customer service and sales and licensure and certification.

Interactive Distance Learning Network

In addition, the school is involved in the state Interactive Distance Learning Network, which allows Allegany College students to participate in course work in classrooms all over the state. Need some hard-to-find training? If Allegany College doesn't have it on-site, they can probably find a program for you through the Interactive Distance Learning Network. Also allows users to network with others in their industry, and with professional and industrial associations without leaving town. Cool.

Don't Forget FSU

Not only does Cumberland have Allegany College, the city also has access to Frostburg State University, just 10 miles away. Two computer labs on campus provide training opportunities for area businesses, the school's Center for Regional Progress offers technical and research assistance, its Western Maryland Regional Geographic Information Systems Center provides infrastructure delineation and environmental assessment graphics, and conference facilities are available with long-distance interactive meeting sites.