City Stars!

What Makes Cumberland Great?
Is it our rich culture and unique heritage? The beauty of our mountains and rivers? Our appreciation for where we’ve been and our focus on where we’re headed?

Most would agree it is all of these things. But most importantly, it is the people of Cumberland that make it truly great. There are so many among us who strive to make a real difference to others and to our community every day. People who take the time to lend a helping hand to an elderly neighbor, who volunteer their time to community projects and service organizations hoping to make a positive impact, who work with the youth in our community to teach life values like discipline and hard work, those who we rely on to respond in emergencies or in defense of our country, and those who perform heroic or patriotic acts in a veil of anonymity.
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These are people who step up to do what’s right and what’s needed because it’s the right thing to do, with no expectation of recognition. These are the unsung heroes of Cumberland - our community superstars!

Superstar Recognition

The Mayor and City Council are asking for your help to identify the stars in our community so that we can bring to light their special achievements in the hope of inspiring others to follow their lead and “pass on the good.” We ask you to take a moment to reflect on a special and amazing individual, or perhaps an organization, that has made a real difference to you or to our community, especially those individuals who work their magic unnoticed by the rest of us.

The Mayor and City Council would like to recognize these superstars with a “City Star Award” during each of the city’s public meetings. We ask that you submit a name and contact information for your nominee and yourself, along with a few words, or a lot of words, telling us of their special achievement or deed.

Submit Nominations

You can submit your nomination:

  • In writing to the Mayor’s Office:
    57 N Liberty Street
    Cumberland, MD 21502
  • By Email
  • By Using the Online Form

The awards are open to everyone, but the emphasis will be placed on stars of the Cumberland community. “Pass on the good” and help us to recognize these truly amazing individuals that make Cumberland the great place it is! For more information, contact City Hall at 301-759-6447.