Physical Ability Test

Those applicants that successfully complete the minimum requirements and written test phases will then move forward and participate in a physical ability test.

All applicants will be required to sign a waiver releasing the Cumberland Police Department and the City of Cumberland from any personal injury, loss of property, or property damage you may have, or may subsequently accrue from participating in the physical ability test before the applicant will be permitted to participate.

Activities Tested
The physical ability test will consist of the following activities listed. The 1st 4 tests have the minimum qualification standards listed for gender and age groups. The candidate must meet the minimum standard listed in each test.

Bent Leg Sit-Ups
Total number performed in 1 minute:
20 - 29 38 32
30 - 39 35 25
40 - 49 29 20
50 - 59 24 14

Sit and Reach Test - using a yard stick - 15 inch mark at toes and reach forward:
Age Male Female
20 - 29 16.5 19.3
30 - 39 15.5 18.3
40 - 49 14.3 17.3
50 - 59 13.3 16.8

Push Ups
Total number performed in 1 minute:
Age Male Female
20 - 29 29 15
30 - 39 24 11
40 - 49 18 9
50 - 59 13 8

1.5 Mile Run
Time frames listed below:
Age Male Female
20-29 12:51 15:26
30-39 13:36 15:57
40-49 14:29 16:58
50-59 15:26 17:55

Other Physical Tests
  1. Vertical Jump Test - minimum height: 15 inches
  2. Sprint at full speed for 300 yards
Lateral transfers from other police agencies must participate in this process to be considered for employment.

What to Wear
Applicants should dress in casual business attire for the written examination however they should bring the appropriate athletic wear to participate in the physical ability test to include tennis shoes. An opportunity to change into the proper clothing will be given.

All lodging, travel expenses and meals while the candidate is enrolled in the training academy are provided for by the Cumberland Police Department.

Lateral Transfers
Police Officers who are considered to be lateral transfers from other agencies must complete the same requirements listed above. If the training and experience that these officers possess meets the standards established by the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions then they will be eligible to transfer up to 5 years of prior service for the purpose of placement on the wage scale.

Prior service must be from an MPCTC certified law enforcement agency or the applicant must be eligible to complete a Comparative Compliance course. If this employee must complete a full academy they will not be considered eligible for lateral transfer status.