Water Quality Complaints

Cloudy/Dirty/Unusual Odor or Taste
Whether you are experiencing cloudy or dirty water, or your water has developed an unusual odor or taste, let the department know immediately so that they may investigate the situation. If the problem is easily recognizable, the department will give you advice by phone. For example, water may occasionally become discolored due to water main breaks, fires that use a high volume of water, or problems at the water plant.

These problems usually show up in your home as muddy water. This water is not unsafe to drink. It merely contains sediments due to sudden changes in pressure in the system. When the cause of the problem is corrected, the sediments will be flushed from the system. Do not wash clothes because the sediments may cause stains. If the problem appears more serious, or is unable to be solved by phone, call the City of Cumberland Water Distribution Department at 301-759-6625 and we will flush the hydrant(s) in the affected area.

Low Pressure Complaints
Some typical problems that can lead to low water pressure are:
  • Elevation
  • Home valves
  • Mineral deposits
  • Peak periods
  • Pressure regulators
  • Water leaks
Here are a few steps to follow to resolve your situation.

Step 1
If the problem is limited to a fixture, try unscrewing any in-line device, such as a faucet aerator or showerhead, by hand or with pliers, and rinsing off or replacing clogged or corroded screens and parts on an in-line device such as a faucet aerator or showerhead.

Step 2
If the problem is that the supply lines feeding a branch (say, in an addition) are too small, increase their pipe size. Old galvanized lines tend to collect corrosion, replace with plastic.

Step 3
If the problem is inadequate flow to the entire house, as might occur when you add new fixtures to an existing system, increase the size of the main supply pipe from the water meter to the house.

Step 4
If the problem is inadequate pressure - for example, at the end of a municipal system or from a well located downhill - install a booster pump.