Fleet Maintenance

The Fleet Maintenance Garage is located at the Municipal Service Center at 215 Bowen St. in South Cumberland and consists of three automotive technicians and one fleet manager. Our team is responsible for the maintenance, repairs and road service calls of over 225 vehicles and equipment which include police interceptors, fire apparatuses, ambulances, plow trucks, dump trucks, service bodies, backhoes, mowers and much more.

Fleet Maintenance Services include:

o Engine Diagnostics and Repairs

o Transmission Diagnostics

o Welding

o Steering and Suspension Repairs

o Brake Repairs

o Heating & Air Conditioning Repairs

o Diesel Diagnostics and Repair

o Routine Preventative Maintenances

o Tire Repair and Replacement

Other services provided by Fleet Maintenance include:

o Procurement of all vehicles and equipment

o Completes title and tag work

o Surplus of old vehicles and equipment that are no longer needed

o Manages the City’s fuel system, tanks and pumps

o Assists all departments in special projects which include dock repairs, railing repairs, storm drain

repairs and other welding and fabrication projects

o Responsible for all vehicle and equipment repairs during snow removal operations