Utility Permits

Permits are required by city ordinance to allow the installation, repair, removal or relocation of a utility which projects onto, under or over any City of Cumberland public property or right of way. In order to obtain a permit an application must be reviewed and approved before a permit can be issued. The repair, removal or relocation of the utility and the public property or right of way will be at the sole cost of the utility owner.

Permit Activity Map
A Permit Activity Map is available to the public. Selecting a permit marker will present additional information about that permit.

Utility Registration
A Utility Registration Application must be completed by anyone having equipment or facilities located in the right of way. The permit is to be obtained by the owner of the utility, and not by the contractor performing the work in the right of way. Registration requirements will include having a Franchise agreement or other approved agreement with the City of Cumberland.

To register and be able to submit Permit Applications please go to ROWay.

Utility Permit
A Utility Permit is required by anyone seeking to excavate in the right of way or on public property; and to erect, alter, replace or remove any pole, conduit or pipe in, under or along the streets, alleys or public places of the city.

Application Requirements
Application for a permit is made to the Office of the City Engineer in electronic format on the ROWay website.

Utility permit applications shall contain, and will be considered complete only upon compliance with the requirements of the following provisions:
  • A completed Utility Permit Application <link to be provided in the near future>, including all required attachments
  • A scaled drawing showing the location and area of the proposed project and the location of all existing and proposed facilities
    • The drawing must conform to the Sample Plan <link to be provided in the near future> and drawn to a scale between 1:10 - 1:50
    • Plans may be submitted electronically with the application in .PDF, .DGN, or .DWG format
    • When printed on paper the plans must fit on 8 1/2 x 11, or 11 x 17 size paper
    • Plans must be from street intersection to street intersection
  • Payment of all money due to the city for:
    • Permit fees and costs
    • Prior obstructions or excavations
    • Any loss, damage, or expense suffered by the city as a result of applicant's prior excavations or obstructions of the rights of way or any emergency actions taken by the city
  • The posting of a construction performance bond, if required
All information requested on the Utility Permit Application Form must be complete in order to process your request. Failure to provide the requested information will result in the rejection of your application or will delay the review and approval process. Your request will be reviewed by Engineering staff to determine if the permit(s) should be granted.

Street Restoration
All street removal and restoration will be done to the specifications of the Office of the City Engineer. An estimated permit fee (based on information supplied on the application) will be included with the permit approval. In the event that the Utility must excavate a larger area then originally permitted, permittee will be billed for the change in size.

Repair of the excavated right of way or public property will be done in a manner which restores the maximum future utilization of the right of way, and shall be to the satisfaction of the City Engineer or his representative. The utility will be required to schedule a final inspection of the restoration.

Fee Schedule
After final inspection the utility will be notified of the applicable fees to be collected and instructions for paying the fees.

Additional Information is available if needed. If you are uncertain about the information we are requesting, please email Kim Root.