Why is my bill so high?
Over the years we have found that the most frequent cause of a high bill is a leak, and that the most frequent type of leak can be traced to the toilet. In many cases a large quantity of water can be leaking through a toilet so quietly that a homeowner or occupant does not even hear it.

You may be able to save a costly plumbing bill by using some sort of food coloring or bluing. Add the coloring to the water in the toilet tank and then observe the water in the bowl for several minutes. Any coloration of the bowl water means you have a leak and the fixture should be repaired promptly.

If you suspect a leak, we suggest that you turn off all faucets and taps and locate your water meter. If you have an inside meter, your meter has a small triangular indicator on its face which, if rotating, means that your system has a leak. Please call 301-759-6409 for more information.

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