Special Recycling Events

Special recycling events are coordinated with the Allegany County Recycling Office and Solid Waste Management Board. These events include tire recycling, electronics recycling, household hazardous waste collections, etc... These special events are not held on a regular basis, so the City will be providing information here to be inform to Cumberland residents. Additionally, as events are scheduled they will be added to Notify Me and the Main Calendar. For more information please contact the City's Environmental Specialist at 301-759-6604. 

Too Toxic To Trash


A household hazardous waste collection event will take place:

Allegany County Fairgrounds
11490 Moss Ave, Cumberland, MD
October 9, 2021 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM


Look under your kitchen and bathroom sinks, at the basement workbench, in the garage or garden shed – wherever you store cleaning products, home and vehicle maintenance items, or garden chemicals. If a product label says “danger,” “warning,” “poison,” or “caution,” the product contains ingredients that are flammable, poisonous, will burn the skin and eyes, or react violently with other chemicals. These items, if disposed of improperly, are a threat to our environment and health. Landfills, water and sewage treatment plants are incapable of processing these chemicals and the result is the eventual contamination of our groundwater and waterways, upon which everyone is dependent.

TTTT 2021

The Ins and Outs of Co-Mingled Recycling

By Raquel Ketterman and Allison Layton

Do you know what belongs in the recycling bin and what doesn’t? This month, the focus is on what should and should not be recycled. It may be a little confusing at first, but once you know the basics, it becomes second nature to determine what should be placed in your recycling bin for weekly pick up and what may need to be recycled elsewhere, or will have to be thrown away.

The burgundy bins are issued to every City residence by Burgmeier’s Hauling and are to be used for your convenience to collect and set out your Co-Mingled Recycling. Not sure when your bin should be placed out for collection? It coincides with your first trash pick up every week.

So, what can go in my Co-Mingled Recycling Bin?

It can be tricky to determine whether an item can go into your co-mingled curbside recycling bin. The overarching answer is plastics with the following numbers in the recycling triangle: #1, #2, #4, #5, #7; aluminum cans, and glass bottles & jars.

The rule of thumb is everything should be household containers, such as drink bottles, jugs and containers, jars that food came in, some plastic carry out containers, detergent bottles, cans, etc. These are typically containers from your kitchen, bathroom or laundry areas, so when you empty a plastic container - check for the recycling triangle for the appropriate plastic number. If it has a #1, #2, #4, #5 or #7, you're good to throw it in the bin!

What should not go in my Co-Mingled Recycling Bin?

Random plastic, glass and metal items are not accepted. Things such as toys, toy parts, garden tools or any kind of hoses, electronics, dishes, mugs, glass ornaments, mirrors, candle holders or decor are not accepted in curbside recycling. These odd items can contaminate an entire load of recycling.

The recycling bins are also not intended to be used for yard waste. Do not put sticks, soil, grass, rocks or other items in the recycling bins. These items should be bagged or put in an alternative garbage container. Please be mindful of the weight of any garbage bag or container, they must be no heavier than 40 pounds.

I have some items left after doing Spring clean-up, what can I do with them?

You may find yourself with a pile of flower pots, trays and flats as you plan your landscaping and garden. These may be reusable by the vendor or greenhouse where you purchased your plants and flowers, simply ask the vendor where you bought the flowers about returning these items for reuse.

Or, if you’ve been painting, you may be wondering what to do with paint cans. Completely empty paint cans may be recycled; however, if there is paint residue or dried paint they cannot be recycled. Remember that paint must be fully dried-out prior to disposal with your curbside garbage. Simply pop open paint cans and let them dry completely. Try mixing paint with kitty litter, pour in a box and put it in the trash after it’s dried.

If you have any part-full cans of paint laying around? Check around to see if you can simply use it up on an odd job or find a location or organization which will accept your donated paint products. It’s always better to find someone else who can use it rather than just throwing it away.

If you have recycling questions you’d like to see answered here? Call 301-777-0416 ext. 2402. Thank you for recycling!

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How do I REDUCE my waste footprint?
  • Bring your own: Bags to the store! Coffee mug to the coffee shoppe! Reusable container to a restaurant! 
  • Buy used over new
  • Fix what you already own
  • Start a backyard compost
  • Use cloth napkins and towels instead of paper
  • Take packaging into consideration when shopping, look for minimal or recyclable packaging


How do I REUSE more?


  • Allegany County's Recycling Office keeps a comprehensive list of how/where to recycle various items.

Please visit here often for **NEW**  **UPDATED** special recycling events!!!