Recycling Questions

Is there a way I can receive recycling reminders?
  • Yes! Sign up at NOTIFY ME on the City's website and you can select to receive a reminder by email or text.  Weekly reminders are sent every Sunday.  Special recycling event information is included as special events are scheduled (about two to four times a year). 

What can be recycled and when?
  • Cumberland's curbside recycling is picked up as the same time as your garbage each week.  Co-Mingled Container Recycling is picked up one week and Mixed Paper Recycling is picked up the next week following the or 2019 Burgmeier's Hauling Recycling Service Calendar .
What do I put out on the curbside on Co-Mingled Container Recycling week?
  • See the Recycling Flyer. Co-Mingled Container Recycling includes household containers that are: Plastic containers labeled #1, #2, #4, #5 & #7, metal cans, and glass bottles and jars. Place these items on the curb inside the burgundy Burgmeier's Hauling recycling bin. 
What do I put out on the curbside on Mixed Paper Recycling week?
  • See the Recycling Flyer. Mixed Paper Recycling includes newspapers, catalogs, office paper, magazines, and cardboard. Cardboard must be broken down and folded into pieces no larger than 24 inches long or wide.  Mixed Papers Recycling shall be bundled by twine, tape or placed inside a paper bag and set beside your garbage.
  1. What can be recycled?
  2. When do I recycle?
  3. How do I recycle Co-Mingled Materials?
  4. How do I recycle Mixed Paper Materials?
  5. What CANNOT be recycled at the Curbside?