Cumberland Emergency Response Team (CERT)

The Cumberland Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) consists of 10 highly-skilled and motivated officers of the Cumberland Police Department. The team is supervised by Lt. Brian Lepley, with the assistance of Lt. J.W. Yarnall, and Sgt. Tony Tringler as team leaders. The remaining team members are:

  • Pfc. John Lee
  • Pfc. Chris Mullaney
  • Pfc. Donald Jenkins
  • Pfc. Vince Monetelone
  • Pfc. Adam Ashby
  • Pfc. Allen Brown
  • Pfc. Devin Lee
Cumberland Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Tactical Medics

The Cumberland Fire Department’s Tactical Medics assigned to the team are:
  • Lieutenant Vince Pyle - Lieutenant/Paramedic
  • Doug Beitzel - Firefighter/Paramedic

Additional Training

In addition to being assigned to regular patrol shifts, these officers train a minimum of 8 additional hours each month in emergency response tactics. The team is considered “on call” on a permanent basis, responding to an emergency at any time. The team is trained for any type of situation from barricaded hostage incidents, active shooters in schools to high-risk warrant service.

The team also utilizes the department’s hostage negotiating unit when needed. The team was activated on 32 occasions in 2016. The team also conducted demonstrations at special events for recruitment and other public relations assignments.