Specialized Units

The Cumberland Police Department is a progressive department, utilizing several different units to combat crime and reach out to the community. All are unique in nature and serve different functions.
  1. Bicycle Patrol

    The Bicycle Patrol Unit enhances the crime reduction efforts of the department by giving increased mobility and rapid responses into areas that are not easily accessible by other patrol vehicles.

  2. Cumberland Emergency Response Team (CERT)

    The Cumberland Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) consists of 9 highly-skilled and motivated officers of the Cumberland Police Department. In addition to being assigned to regular patrol shifts, these officers train a minimum of 8 additional hours each month in emergency response tactics.

  3. Honor Guard

    In the year 2004, the Cumberland Police Department created an Honor Guard to represent the department at police funerals, parades, ceremonial occasions, and other civic events. The Honor Guard also was created to respectfully pay tribute to police officers who fall in the line of duty by attending their services throughout the State of Maryland, and surrounding states.

  4. K-9 Units

    The department’s Canine Unit deploys 4 dogs.

  5. Motorcycle Patrols

    The Motorcycle Patrol Units are used on patrol and are often called upon to lead various parades or attend special events held in the city. The units are also placed on display at special events such as job fairs, school summer camp demonstrations along with being used in recruiting efforts.