Automatic Electronic Utility Bill Payment

The City of Cumberland would like to remind our valued customers about a free service available - Automatic Electronic Utility Bill Payment. Sign up for this service, and never again have to worry about a late utility bill payment. Your bill will be paid automatically by electronic transfer of funds from your bank account to the city. What could be easier and more convenient?

How it Works
Once you sign up you will receive your utility bill as you normally do, however, the following message will appear underneath the amount due on the bill stub: Bank Draft. On the due date shown on your bill, your bill will be paid automatically by electronic bank transfer of funds. The city does not charge for this service.

Bill Issues
If you should have questions about your bill, please call our Tax and Utility Department at 301-759-6409, and we'll be happy to review it with you. Your bank statement will show the amount charged and the date of the transaction. If there are not sufficient funds in your account on the payment date, your bank will return the automatic payment just as if you had a check returned for insufficient funds. Please Note: This will result in a $35 insufficient fund (NSF) fee from the City of Cumberland, and your bank may also assess a fee.

How to Sign Up
It's fast and easy! Simply print, fill out and sign the Automatic Electronic Utility Payment Application (PDF). Attach a voided check. This will help us ensure we have the correct bank routing/transit and account number. The routing/transit number we need is typically the first nine numbers on the bottom left corner of the check or deposit slip.

Bring the application and voided check to City Hall, or mail it to:
Tax and Utility Department
City Hall
57 N Liberty Street
Cumberland MD 21502